Eavestrough/Gutter Cleaning FAQs

When Should I get My Gutters Cleaned?

We clean-out Gutters  throughout the year; except of course, when Gutters are frozen; Based on our experience November 1-15 is the best time for fall gutter clean-out. 95% of leaves have already fallen from the trees.  The first big freeze of the winter is usually around November 15th. The freezing temperatures will bring the last leaves down but unfortunately wet leaves will freeze solid in the gutters and are impossible to remove. We book up our fall gutter clean-out schedule at the end of October, please call early to get on our twice-a-year schedule so your home is not missed.

If your gutters are over flowing you should CALL NOW; and it’s likely you should be on at the least; our Twice-A-Year schedule. There is so much to remember in maintaining a home, so we have “Set it, and Forget it,” Services for both gutters and windows. We will clean your gutters in the fall and again in late winter or early spring depending on the weather that year…

How Often to I Need to Have My Eavestroughs/Gutters Cleaned?

Among homeowners in established neighborhoods with beautiful, mature trees; it’s common to have gutters cleaned out several times a year;  every couple of weeks during the autumn and fall, again during an early winter thaw, then following the spring blossoms and again after seed drop. If you have trees in your yard; a minimum of Twice a year at least is what we, and almost all experts recommend .  Depending on the type, number and size of the trees in or near your yard; three or more times a year may be required to keep your gutters and downspouts flowing.

Why is Twice a Year Required? – Once in the Fall and again in the Thaw!

After cleaning gutters for over 30 years in Michigan we have accepted the fact that the leaves in your gutters will be frozen solid before all of the leaves from the trees have fallen. Leaves from Oak and Aspen may even be on your trees well in to January. So we have learned that twice a year is the best way for customer satisfaction and home maintenance. If there is a good long four day and night thaw in December, January or February the second cleaning will be in the winter if not the second cleaning will be in March or April. We will be striving to work with the weather and to do what is best for you.

Set It Up and Forget It

Pre-Schedule NOW for our Twice-A-Year Program and get scheduling priority in the fall and again in the thaw, PLUS SAVE 10% over our “On Call” pricing.

What if I call after November 1st? What if I forgot to call and the leaves are frozen in my gutters?

Generally, we need above freezing temperatures 24 hours a day for 5 days to allow wet, frozen leaves to thaw enough to be able to remove them. We will keep your name on our list and come clean out your gutters during the next thaw, but it may be January, February or March before we get warm enough temperatures to thaw the gutters on all sides of your home. For your convenience, we can auto-schedule your gutter clean-out for next year so you won’t have to remember to make an appointment.

What About Gutter Covers or Protectors?

Every year we clean many gutters with various types of gutter protectors! Even though eaves troughs with gutter covers or other protection may need cleaning less often, they are more time consuming and difficult and therefore more expensive to clean…. Where is the savings? There is no Magic! Dirt, Leaves & Debris can still get into your gutters and need to be cleaned out. While some covers do a good job of keeping large leaves out; small leaves, buds, blossoms, debris, etc. still find their way in.

How Available Is Great Lakes Gutter Cleaning Service near me?

Currently we offer Gutter and Eavestrough clean-out in the areas surrounding; Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, DeWitt & Jackson. If you are a Window Cleaning customer in a different area, or are near to the areas listed, please call and check on gutter cleaning availability for your property.