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Don’t Ignore Your Gutters!
While gutter clean-out is something many of us would like to ignore, gutter cleaning is an important twice-a-year ritual almost everyone that owns a home with downspouts and gutters need to adopt. When clogged gutters don’t drain properly, they can cause winter ice dams on the roof that may allow water inside your home. Gutters can also get so heavy that they’ll pull loose and rot the trim and siding. Even if your gutter doesn’t overflow, leaving any decaying debris in there is an invitation to mosquitoes, termites, carpenter ants and other insects. If you have a lot of trees around your house, you might want to clean your gutters even more often.

Ladder Cleaning Gutters

Say Good-Bye
to the
disgusting and dangerous job
of cleaning out your gutters
As Easy As A Phone Call.

Be Assured: We will NOT try to sell you new gutters or gutter covers.


BE AWARE: Don’t put your Family & Lifestyle at risk!

Safe Gutter Cleaning Practice

Don’t just hire anyone with a Ladder and a Bucket! Recent up-dates to MI-OSHA regulations affect who is responsible for safety and accidents on your property.  Home and Building owners now share responsibility for worker’s safety on their property.  Are your Contractors following MI-OSHA’s regulations for your and their protection?
Working on Ladders or on Roofs, especially with wet or slippery leaves can be very dangerous & is a huge cause of personal injury accidents and lawsuits. Your homeowner’s or business liability insurance may not cover such accidents.  Be SURE who you hire is FULLY Insured and and trained / equipped for modern safety requirements

Working Safe takes extra time and equipment.
WARNING: Cheap Gutter Cleaning is rarely safe!

If someone is cleaning your gutters from your roof without fall prevention in place; working near the edge, or even worse; leaning over the edge to clean your gutters, they are likely not in compliance with MI-OSHA regulations and putting their life and your lifestyle at risk!

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Why is it important to have my gutters cleaned?

Rain gutters eventually get clogged with leaves, sticks, balls, etc.
MOLD: When your gutters & downspouts don’t properly drain water away from your walls and foundations, it becomes likely your basement or crawlspace will become damp or wet. Poor drainage during winter can contribute to ice damning on your eaves allowing water to back up under your shingles and cause water to enter your ceilings and walls – presenting a huge mold risk.
BUGS: Clogged gutters with standing water is a perfect breading habitat for pest and insects such as mosquitoes and other pests such as wood-eating like termites and carpenter ants which are attracted to the rotting leaves and sticks, then attracted to the inside of your home when the weather changes.
WEIGHT: Full gutters can become very heavy and pull away from your home, even allowing water to drain between your home and gutters, another potential cause for water damage inside your eaves and home home risking wood rot in fascia and soffit boards.
FREEZE HEAVE: Water soaked soil next to your foundation in freezing/thawing weather can even allow freeze heave to damage your home’s foundation. In extreme cases the structural damage can be significant.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Gutter Cleaning Company?

1. Safety: Gutter Cleaning activities can be especially dangerous; especially if; a: The Contractor is inexperienced on ladders or roofs. b: the person you hire to clean your gutters does not know or follow MI-OSHA safety procedures. c: doesn’t even have the appropriate fall prevention equipment and use it. Falls from roof height, often result in serious head injuries.
2. Insurance: Recent changes to MI-OSHA regulations place responsibility for a safe work place on the property owner, as well as the contractor. Your home-owner’s insurance policy may not provide coverage if an uninsured person you hire to clean your gutters is injured on your property. — Can you afford the risk? BE SURE whoever you hire to clean your gutters and downspouts has both worker’s compensation and liability insurance overages;
3. Experience and Reputation: There is no better gauge of a reliable gutter cleaning service than their experience and reputation; Great Lakes has been cleaning out gutters and downspouts in your area for almost 40 years! We’ve likely been cleaning your neighbor’s gutters year after year for decades!

How Much Does It Cost to Have My Eavestrough / Gutters Cleaned Out?

Rates start as low as $150. Factors that affect price are how high the gutters are, how many and how long the gutter “runs” are, how long it’s been since they’ve been cleaned and, what obstructions or other challenges there are to access the roof gutters safely. Being able to schedule your Gutter Cleaning the same time we are in your neighborhood cleaning other’s eavestroughs can reduce the cost. There are also discounts available for scheduling multiple cleanings per year in advance.