Safety Warning for Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your own gutters and downspouts is a dangerous and often disgusting job, the risk of injury from falls from a ladder, or worse, from your roof; we’ve even seen some people cleaning their gutters by getting on the roof and leaning down/over to get to the debris in the gutter without any fall protection whatsoever!…. a fall from that position can be fatal or worse!

Hiring someone to clean your gutters that does not use proper (Mi_OSHA) safety procedures and equipment does pass the risk of injury to them, but you can still be held responsible for their injuries. Every year we observe gutter cleaning contractors using very unsafe practices to get jobs done quickly and cheaply.

Safe Gutter Cleaning Practice East Lansing


Don’t put your family & lifestyle at risk!
Don’t just hire anyone with a Ladder and a Bucket!

Recent up-dates to MI-OSHA regulations affect who is responsible for safety and accidents on your property.  Home and Building owners now share responsibility for worker’s safety on their property.  are your Contractors following MI-OSHA’s regulations for your and their protection?
Working on Ladders or on Roofs, with wet or slippery leaves can be very dangerous & is a huge cause of personal injury accidents and lawsuits.

Be SURE who you are considering hiring is FULLY Insured and trained / equipped for modern safety requirements

Your homeowner’s or business liability insurance may not cover such accidents. leaving you and your lifestyle at risk. 

Working Safe takes extra time and equipment.
BEWARE: Cheap Gutter Cleaning is rarely Safe!