6 Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaning Now!

Your rain gutter system controls the rainwater; which we see plenty of here in Michigan; if the gutter (eavestroughs) or downspouts get clogged with leaves, debris or toys (we often find balls!), etc. this can lead to water damage, mold, insect or even structural damage issues. Below are some clear indications you need your gutters cleaned out as soon as possible and to be on one of our annual gutter cleaning programs.

1. Rainwater is Overflowing the Gutters

To protect your home Your Rain Gutter System is intended to drain the water away from the house. But has you may have observed when your gutters get clogged with leaves, etc. they no longer drain the water properly. This results in the water overflowing close to the home or even on/into the fascia or siding. On my home I can tell by the water pouring onto my deck.

Gutters Full of Water Need Cleaning

2. Your Gutters are Sagging

When your gutters are Clogged (a common problem) the rainwater has nowhere to flow. This accumulation of water can not only overflow your gutters, it can also damage your gutters, roof edge, soffit and fascia. The weight of all that water and soggy debris causes stress on your gutters because your gutters are not built to hold that extra weight.

3. Staining on Your Siding

If you notice excessive streaks, stains or mildew on your siding, especially high up. That could be a sign your gutters need to be cleaned out. when the water overflows the gutters it can overflow behind the gutter (house side) and end up running down your siding when it rains. or worse; into and behind your fascia, and coming out the sawfit or down the inside of your siding.

4. Water Pooling Near the Foundation of Your Home

If you notice standing water near your home’s foundation; that can be a bad sign, expecially if you have a basement or crawlspace under your home. A little damp is not usually bad, your foundation should be built for that, but a lot of water becomes an issue. The water can stay in the ground near your foundation a long time, keeping pressure against it with a good chance of finding it’s way inside, either as moisture/dampness or even as flowing water.

The much larger issue is here in Michigan during the winter. the freeze/thaw expansion of damp or wet soil next to your foundation can exert enormous pressure against the foundation walls and can even cause them to buckle. I’ve seen this and wish I had taken pictures! the property I saw ended up needing to have extensive (expensive) excavation and foundation repair.

Mosquitoes larva in clogged gutter

5. You are Experiencing a Lot of Mosquitoes

Clogged gutters are an ideal breading environment for mosquitoes, and termites or carpenter ants love the damp decaying leaves that can be found in damp gutters. If you suffering from excessive mosquito attacks it may be past time to get your gutters cleaned out, and onto one of our annual gutter cleaning routine programs.

Gutter Cleaning need with plants growing in gutter

6. Plants are Growing in Your Gutters!

If you gutters are staring to look like planters, that’s a pretty good sign they are well overdue for cleaning! Dirt gets blown in by the wind and can end up on your roof and eventually into your gutters, or in cases of longer term neglect; the leaves, sticks, and seeds can compost into soil an ideal place for seeds to sprout into plants. If you see trees in your gutters CALL TODAY! 517-482-4040

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